hello! i am soda (or meirisoda, or mei). i draw illustrations and create a bunch of other stuff.

i've always taken a liking to making websites (mostly on tumblr and cargo) but this summer i finally *properly* sat down and learned html! my current site has gone through many many iterations and i change my layout around quite often, but it's all with intention to make my website feel the most "me". i hope that you can look through my website and not only see what i create (ie. illustrations, music etc.) but also get a grasp of who i am as a person.

likes dislikes
∙ white & blue /minimal stuff
(but also pink/black)
∙ audio gear
∙ vectorheart, gen x soft club, metalheart visual languages
∙ electronic music, game OSTs, visual-kei, artcore, doujin
∙ window shopping

∙ judgemental and mean people
∙ clothes that make me feel like nothing
∙ fast fashion
∙ western pop music (for some reason)
∙ hospital keyboards

i use: Procreate, Clip Studio Paint
i'm learning: how to express myself, to love, Blender

english, 한국어 (中文, 日本語) OK